Hijab Explosion Trends Clothing Western World!

Hijab explosion is the latest fashion trends during the last few years. Head cover Muslim women who apply now are not only a religious symbol, but has become a symbol of new fashion trends are often praised the model, actress, and fashion experts.

In Egypt, a group of women founded an organization for the lovers of fashion trends with the Hijab can hope to gather and develop women berHijab without reducing their elegant taste.

In Bahrain, is now developing a special model Hijab because Hijab is also their community representatives. Morocco are in the trend of Hijab is also known by the term "shoufouni" (I see!) Thrive. Penggagas organization Hijab, Yasmine mohsen, calling himself berHijab model, and he also offers clothing, accessories, and finery that would appear appropriate for those who wear Hijab.

"Now women berHijab come from the top, and they need something more. Some of them even wear Hijab think will make them more elegant, "he said.

However, the main goal mohsen not only in the clothing industry, but also to change the world view of Islam against the west and women.

"We katakana that Hijab is an elegance and will not reduce the women's honor and beauty in the eyes of the world."

When mohsen started his career five years ago, he menuturkan that he regarded as destructive because the fashion world include religious elements to it.

"But with the increasing number of women berHijab, it also increases support for the acceptance of Hijab in the world. I even have to make some ads about the Hijab, "he said proudly.

More than 300 employees experienced in the field of model. Clothing, united in the ad and the organization.

They also develop wings through Facebook and seminars in the hope that can peminat more interesting, and can reduce the trend in clothes that are open.

"Until this day, we fight the fight" of "trend-like fashion that will sell women's self esteem. Shows the body of any action is not a graceful and feminine, "he added.

Groups are also implementing some regulations for the model, one of which is forbidden untuuk wear clothes or sleep in.

"Clothing is clothing that is worn when the women are in the house, which should not have a view like that. We want to show the elegance of women Hijab ".

Some regulations also apply to the referrer photografer and style, among others, they are prohibited from direct touch with the model.

All about hijab

Avoid model hijab a complex and many accessories for the day-to-day, while for the party to use the model and accessories can be a unique choice.

Use accessories such as the hijab brooch or other to add uniqueness and beauty.

Select a lightweight material hijab (not too thick and heavy), materials such as silk. In addition to convenience, this is also easier for you in order to establish a hijab in accordance with the diverse needs and tastes.

Use innards hijab, a bandana or ciput hair is not so easy to go out also to avoid see hair due to the transparency of hijab.

Select the derivative / berhijab accordance with the model of the face and events that you want to attend. And also the hijab model and should be adjusted to the color of your muslim clothing to make an impression wearing elegant and glamor.

Don't forget to monitoring the moslem fashion trends. :)

Tips for choosing Hijab

Always show the questions, why can hijab expensive price? Or there is also the expression expensive price, there cheaper. Like other textile materials. Just as clothing or clothing Muslim Muslim hijab / veil can also be expensive or cheap even though the motive or the exact model hijab. This is the basic material of different textiles. There are advantages and disadvantages of each material used. This is more likely on your tastes and needs.

Like clothes Muslim (Muslim clothes), that use more cotton, usually absorb sweat better and are usually dipatok the price higher. Kelemahannya, will be quick if not disheveled disetrika directly before use. So the model can be ugly hijab. If the material is more use nylon, will be slightly cheaper price, a bit hot, not the benefits quickly haywire.

We suggest you choose the appropriate you want, good color and materials that are tailored to the event. Clothing can be adjusted with the Muslim (Muslim clothes) that you use. If you use more nylon, if used diruang air-conditioned or events in the night is not problematic. If you select the material more cotton, it is better to be washed without dikucek or more durable and safe in the dry-clean only. Basically it's because you will be dressed with dipadupadankan Muslim / Muslim clothes.